Don’t hate ’cause I claim biracial

fe-bencosme (1)Fe Bencosme,
Houston, TX.

As the product of an Afro Crucian and Anglo Dominican union I self-identify as biracial and bicultural. Some people find it “exotic,” which leaves me feeling uncomfortable although not as angry as when someone says to me: “Well, no matter what you think you are the truth is you’re black.” The retort is usually a deep, visceral reaction and always from black Americans (African Americans if you prefer). I understand the many reasons why African Americans, in particular, would feel some kind of way about a brown girl like myself claiming mixed race as an identity. Yet, it doesn’t take away the fact that I had a black parent and a white parent or that I recognize them both, equally. I refuse to deny either one because of a limiting and false reality some people have chosen to accept or because doing so would make others feel more comfortable about themselves. I AM biracial. Now get over it.


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