“You don’t know me, no judging”

As a kid, people call me brown sugar, or caramel, and think of me as a kid who crossed the border with her family illegally, because of my skin color. My family was always poor and had jobs that didn’t always keep roofs over our heads. We always ran or hid from the police and people judged us for that. Thinking that we were criminals. People would ask where I was born, and when I answered America, They would make a fuss of how I didn’t look white. This offended me because it made me think that I didn’t belong here and made me that I was a criminal and illegal like every other Mexican, according to them. They found a way to convince me that I shouldn’t play with their kids because I was or am a bad influence. Somehow, the police found out my parents were illegal and deported them back to Mexico for not having papers. Someway I will make these people know that not all Mexicans are criminals and aren’t illegal and a bad influence. I was born here and am legal. Not everybody born in The U.S.A is white. They are also colored, Asian, and like me: A Mexican. Although, we can help stop racism, by choosing right from wrong.

Race ain’t real, We are all the same

Race isn’t biologically real because people invented it to put other people in categories. Like the American Indians and Africans. They were put as slaves because they were a different colors than the Europeans. People back then believed that race was real. But today biological races don’t exist at all. The reason is because there is nothing in science or biology that proves that race actually defines who we are. Everybody is the same race. Nobody is different. Since we cannot point to something real that separates people of different races, we mustn’t look at race as a culturally defined label or something that puts people in categories.


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