I don’t know if I understand

Zach Perrin,
Cincinnati, OH.

I don’t think I’m racist, in my day to day life I interact with black people a lot actually and have never once had a problem. I also know that we have systematic problems, stemming from slavery, Jim Crow, etc. that still need to be dealt with. But are these the qualifications for not being racist? Or is it deeper than that? Because I have some mildly racist parents, and knowing a bit about how kids pick up social, economic, and political beliefs from there parents, is it possibly that I’m racist without even knowing it? Because like I said I’d like to think I’m not racist but how can I tell ya’ know? That seems like something a black person would have to evaluate me on. But then is it ignorant to believe that only a black person can tell? I don’t know honestly race just brings up so many confusing questions it’s like a f’n minefield. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t know if racism is something that can be understood the same way by everybody or if you really have to have experienced it to know what it is. I like to think I know what racism is but that also just sounds pretentious coming from a middle class white kid.


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