But you don’t look Italian

Photo-on-9-28-14-at-3.12-PM-2Katie Rotondo,
El Segundo, CA.

I’ve been learning a lot about race and ethnicity lately. Looking back, it bothers me how many times I was asked what ethnicity I am, responding by saying I am Italian, and getting the famous saying, “But you don’t look Italian!” This is a daily response. Just because I don’t LOOK a certain way I am therefore not completely that specific ethnicity in others’ eyes. This is racial stereotyping and not appreciated by many. America is culturally diverse now and should be recognized as such. We all have unique histories and pasts that have made us who we are today.


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6 Responses to "But you don’t look Italian"
  1. Jack W says:

    Well you don’t particularly look Italian, and that’s just a statement. Some people may have meant it as just a casual comment, nothing bad. If anyone meant bad by it, then it would have been obvious and of course, irritating to you.
    A lot of people for a long time have started to lump Italian into the white race, so they get blamed for all of history’s and the world’s racism too now.

    • barry irving says:

      …Italians are associated with being White which is not a Race either. It is a general ethnicity and a color caste term.

  2. Alkan23 says:

    “Italian” isn’t a race. There are a wide range of ethnicities within Italy. People from Bari are quite different in appearance than people from Milano and Napoli.

    There are actually a lot of Italians that look ethnically similar to you.

  3. christopherallen says:

    I grew up in the Chicago area and you look like many of the Italian girls i attended school and grew up with.

  4. barry irving says:

    …I grew up in NYC…all the Italians I knew were Dark Haired and kind of swarthy
    ( tannish )…they were direct first and second generation. italians especially here tend to associate with being White, so they mix with other European ethnicities who are fairer skinned.

  5. IIlI says:

    your jawline and smile inset do show italian. not the nose exactly nor the eyes (basic european). besides you’re young. when you age, the features will mature and match italian genes far more visually

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