You don’t look Mexican Native American!

14313100439151731328765Delaney Rodarte,
Prescott, AZ.

When I was much younger I was darker skinned and people saw me as Mexican, but now in my later years, especially since I have gone to public school, people see what is now pale skin and refuse to accept me or admit that I am native american and men won’t be with me of my race afraid that they will embarrass their families for being with a “white girl”. I am HALF Germanic and I wish I looked like my culture that I was raised in:(.

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2 Responses to "You don’t look Mexican Native American!"
  1. Take it as an opportunity to mix with a new culture.

  2. Chiquita Biddle says:

    Girl you may have to date outside your living area or maybe move. That sounds dumb! I will introduce to my family who ever I like!

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