You don’t look or sound Cuban.

Sergio R Velazquez,
Lowell, MA.

The label Latino bothers me, same as Hispanic. Both have colonial roots and do not properly represent any specific group or culture. This is why I always select OTHER and fill in Cuban. Just my five cents worth.

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2 Responses to "You don’t look or sound Cuban."
  1. Courtney Saint Alexander Ellis says:

    About a year ago I was at well known military instillation and I ran into an close friend of my. I was with my wife and we began talking about life after the military. His wife proceeded to boast to the fact that her husband didn’t have to worry about retirement (if you’re smart you always have a plan b and c). In the process I introduced my wife and the two ladies began immediately speaking Spanish. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation which ended with my wife explaining that she was a lawyer in both the US and Mexico. My friend’s wife asked her what did I do (all the while assuming my wife was in the military) and told her not to work so hard for me. My wife explained to her that I was a teach and in the process of maintaining my doctorate as well as becoming a counselor. Good for you she said , my wife became visibly upset as this woman had explained she was a traditional Mexicana and that her husband worked and she never had to. My wife told her that I was Afro-Cuban and clearly understood everything she said; to which my friend’s wife replied: “Afro-Cuban? There are no black people in Cuba, you are not Cuban. I just watched all of this play out and my wife, before I could get the next words out told my friend’s wife that she gave every Mexican person a bad name just then. My friend (Who happens to be white) said at that point he’d never understood a word of Spanish, but he most definitely understood this conversation. The poor guy shook his head and buried it in his hands, “I am terribly sorry, and I did not know she didn’t know that!” I laughed so hard, and only because when she made that statement their was a black Panamanian and her family in earshot who politely responded, “Hey you might want to educate your wife a bit about the diaspora of people and the understanding of cultures. As for me, I am used to it, because even black people ask, “who do you identify with, and I tell them both….except I understand it on more of a different level.

  2. barry irving says:

    …Latino is really regional vernacular or Slang. America tends to group people under singular umbrellas. Americans are notoriously mono linguistic. Dealing with diversity is a threat to white centered culture, so the trend is to neutralize yours to fit the bland American. I have Hispanic relatives ( my Grand Daughters ) and don’t find that term offensive. It refers to the linguistic “Spanish” root. I think for census purposes it is somewhat correct because Spanish rooted people don’t consider themselves to be all one thing, but there are commonalities socially.

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