I Don’t Have Any People

darDara Boyd,
Austin, TX.

I am always hearing people say, “my people”, “your people”, “our people”, but why can’t we just be people?
It never crossed my mind to call all white people or more specifically Norwegian people (which is a portion of my ancestry) “my people” because they simply are not.

America, hell the entire world is already divided by race, why do we need to uphold such division? We need to unite in order to prosper as one people, as humanity. I am not color blind, I see color, I would be a fool if I claimed otherwise. But what I see if a beautiful array of color that stretch out across the horizon like a rainbow.

Rainbows are so beautiful because without all of their colors, they wouldn’t be a rainbow.
Let’s end the division and unite as a people. But I think the only way that can happen is if we put all the [race] cards on the table and discuss them like calm, mature adults.

Hugs for everyone! I love you all!


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