I don’t understand, lets love instead


Where to start. I have no clue. I guess I’ll start with some background about myself. I am a person full of love and I give it to anyone it doesn’t matter to me race, income, your past, how you treat me – what have you. If I ever get to the point of being your friend will get to know YOU for YOU (even if I don’t I am still nice – it makes people sick sometimes lol) and some how in this world hate seems to resonates from the hearts of people around the world. I try to remain very optimistic and happy at all cost and look to uplift others.

TO REALLY START: I had a friend post a status about history – slavery, someone I went to school with when we were younger and had no issue (hope to still not have any), but the gist of the comments in the status as to what his girlfriend was saying is that because I am “white” (which I guess to they eye that’s what I am) I am a horrible person because “my people” created the issue. That’s fine because honestly we are entitled to our opinion. I am one AGAIN not to look at the past I WORRY about the now. To proceed, by looking at me you wouldn’t know I have Native American in my blood. The first to really be oppressed/ European-ized, the whole Thanksgiving thing.

I don’t pay close attention to history TO KEEP SCORE. I educate myself (I guess the basics really – I don’t like fights, arguments or war like things – even though I do respect sacrifices made by anyone) to know what not to let happen again. ANYWAYS it confused me why this girl would say that? She doesn’t know me (I am a person who plays “devils” advocate as they call it – but a more angelic view & way. I can usually see both sides/ views AND am very empathetic), still I was like “God [bringing in my beliefs (which I also do NOT judge) to try an prove a point], wants us to love one another. We are brothers and sisters. Society likes to separate us, the MEDIA likes to separate us, but really we are all the same – just a different hue, different hearts, and different lives. We need to come together to get away from the negativity to make a positive change.” In which she proceeded to say, “we are not sisters don’t you dare compare me to you. Media doesn’t separate us, that’s a lie” and just other things insulting my intelligence. I just could not believe what I was reading. How this view of hers to me was so closed off. That she was hurting inside by the past that I personally did not create. I so badly wanted to help her see my view and to get her away from that hateful view.

This is 2016 not the 1900’s. I’m not saying to ignore history I am saying to hold on to it in a different view. It doesn’t need to fuel hate, or separate us. It is to educate us and to keep it from repeating it. One of my history teachers ALWAYS said History is needed in this world. Things are bound to repeat itself. It’s up to us to learn the history and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I just don’t like being looked at for my so called “ancestors” (IF, BIG BIG BIG BIG IF the people who caused where even remotely involved those hateful events) which again I have Native American in my blood and I know I am MIXED with many other things. I just don’t know my genealogy and don’t care too (If I had to guess wanna think Italian. I talk with my hands a lot. Haha.). Because I am an individual of now – not my family’s “ancestors”. To me I DON’T see the “past” which isn’t even MY PAST per say. Mine began in 1995, hello. I see the people as to how I know them, in the now.

TO ME (it’s okay if your view is different I still respect you tremendously) God is Love and I try my best to make him happy through my work. I let Gods love show through me. In which I wish others could see better, could the the beauty and the love I have to offer. BUT I am not everyone else and you can never get people to see the way you do, but how you treat them and everyone else can give them a glimpse.

I hope I did not offend anyone like the way I did that young lady, but if I do I apologize. But this is where I stand and it’s okay for people to have a different view than you. IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY!

Stay loving, humble and kind. Always, ALWAYS forgive.
Much love everyone!


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