Dress like trouble, seen as trouble

Arlington, VA

I’m tired of people dressing, acting, talking like trouble makers, gangsters or criminals then complaining of discrimination. You will become as those with whom you associate. Each individual has the choice how to dress, act and with whom to associate. If they want to be treated as the scum of society, they can just act like it, regardless of skin color.
Millions of immigrants came to this country dirt poor from Asia of all skin tones. They had their businesses and possessions stripped , then were imprisoned during war. Yet Asians are not reviled? No, they worked hard, lived in poverty until they succeeded. They still face discrimination yet build successful businesses and their kids are top performers in school. People who are born in this country can only blame themselves for not succeeding.

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9 Responses to "Dress like trouble, seen as trouble"
  1. Robert Burch says:

    Wow! Another White man hugging his Brown girl gets to speak out of his White legacy, and I guess we should be profoundly happy for his social correctness, lack of understanding, and racial contempt. Never mind that White folk spent 550 years making sure Blacks would never be like them. Now he is angry that, guess what?! Blacks are not like him, and do not want to be like him, have utter contempt towards and some even hatred towards him, as he, enlightened, speaks out the side of his mouth.

  2. Elene Gusch, DOM says:

    “Dress like trouble”? What does that mean, exactly? I’m a middle-aged white woman. I’ve owned and worn a couple of hoodie sweatshirts. They’re great for our windy weather here in New Mexico. If I wear a hoodie with jeans and athletic shoes, do I look like trouble? Does your wife look like trouble if she dresses that way? And what exactly would you wear for a trip down to the corner store on a chilly night?

    • Michael Haddon says:

      Yes, people do judge you by the way you dress, and the way you act. It’s perfectly reasonable to do so. And that is regardless of your color.

      My neighbors have a blond labrador retriever. Pretty much everybody is happy to see that dog, it does not appear threatening. People react differently to pit bulls. They have a lousy reputation, which pit bulls have for a reason.

      If you dress like a thug and act like a thug, people will react defensively. It is perfectly ridiculous to think that anyone is going to react the same way to a middle-aged woman wearing a hoodie on a chilly night and a young male of any color who is doing their very best to look and act like a thug. If people pretend they don’t know the difference, we will never be able to have the conversation or resolve the challenges of race in this country.

      • Ashley says:

        Pit bulls are not bad. The people that raise them, black, white, yellow, and brown, are bad. Stop blaming dogs! Geez!

        • barry irving says:

          …a stronger statement without the color reference. Dogs have to be raised and trained to be social…period!

      • barry irving says:

        …to make generalized statements as if they are fact is Bigoted in this case. No actual experience quoted…just putting out negativity and stereotype is ignorant! All things have context…

  3. Ashley says:

    I agree wholeheartedly as a BLACK woman. Those who sag their pants are essentially prepping themselves for prison. That’s just how I feel. Want respect, earn it. Pants pulled down a little? Okay, I’ll let it pass. But when I can see your behind and underwear, then Bubba who is sitting behind bars can too.

    • barry irving says:

      …you are a ignorant woman Ashley. you side with a Racist who has bias against your youth. There are many objectionable styles of dress. There is also the concept of freedom of expression. Your people fought for that along with the right to be socially and Politically free in America…oh, maybe you forgot that? You and Mike have no authority to talk about what you will let pass. It’s not your call. All the assumptions that you both make are somewhat different. His comments make him an ignorant Race based Bigot…you agreeing with him without any context except your narrow view makes you a fool. That same mentality of judgement plagues you and all who look like you every day…WAKE UP!

  4. barry irving says:

    ..you’re a Racist by indoctrination. But you will never admit it. You are not even specific enough to name who you are criticizing because you know and we know too. That divisive commentary is a clue to your madness.

    …There is no realistic notion of “Dress like a gangster”. Criminals come in all types including suits. You are mentally pidgeon holed into the so called Ghetto image. Whites are more than 50% of the population and they kill each other more than any other Race…they commit the most crime over all in America… what is their Gangster dress code?..have you figured that one out?

    …You are a total selective hypocrite…your Asian mate there is a person of color. She’s part of the overall group who are lowering your Population advantage. You think that being with her makes you non Racist?…think again!

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