Dwayne Fries; the other white Dwayne.

image2 (6)Dwayne Lee Fries,
Columbus, OH.

My name is Dwayne, and I’m white. Hi Dwayne!
I was unwittingly named Dwayne.
Two weeks before my taking over an inner city restaurant as a General Manager, my name was on a schedule. I heard all the stories of how everyone was like, “finally, we got a brother in charge!” Then my arrival day, “They got us again!”
I’ve served in the US Navy as an electronics technician and the US Air Force as an electrical and pneumatic technician. I’ve put in thousands of resumes and applications for more than a decade. I refuse to put I’m white on it. None of the thousands have amounted to anything. Most notable, one response came back with “While your experience is impressive, we are seeking candidates with a different background.”
I had all of the credentials to do that job easily. my background was military experience, which is illegal to discriminate against, and my black name, Dwayne.


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