Economic Independence Key To Black Freedom

Merlin Gentry
Atlanta, GA

Blacks can learn from Jews.You get your revenge by getting rich and making hiring decisions. When you’re collectively wealthy, you can influence local policies to your advantage. That’s just how the world works.
How do you get rich? By owning your own businesses, not by working for others.
How do you own your own business? Through venture capital.
Where is the Black venture capital? Nil.

A few ball players and entertainers can create a pool of say $100m to finance 500 – 1000 new black businesses in every state. Replicate this across the entire US, and we’re talking about serious wealth creation.

The so-called “Golden Rule” is no joke: those with the gold do make the rules. And we’ll find that even die-hard racists will have no choice but to grudgingly respect Black people. Again, look at what Jews have accomplished in the face of persecution. We also see Asian immigrants doing this with much success. Visit any Asian neighborhood for proof.

In my opinion, this should be the new focus of Black leaders of thought. Civil Rights legislation has served it’s purpose, a new direction is needed.


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