Equality isn’t found using guilt trips

Chris Wehunt,
Overland Park, KS.

So much focus is put on splitting up races, every time the race card is used in the media you see social media flipping out, looking for cases of white or black people being attacked by the opposite race, then guilt tripping not only mass media, but society as a whole saying “this won’t show up on (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) because it’s not trending”. It seems like social media, mass media, and politics is abused by people to shout to the rest of the world how conscious they are of the most recent issues but all it ends up doing is feeding emotionally short lived outbursts quickly replaced by the next days issue. People already forgot that we have troops overseas, they forget that every racial issue on the news is a prime moment for NAACP to make an extra dollar and to throw gasoline on the fire. If NAACP is supposed to be needed so badly, why is it that every time they’re involved, the riots get bigger? We gotta grow up and stop wanting people to feel sorry for us, stop living life according the stereotypes, break the mold! It’s not going to just happen on it’s own, it’s obvious by now after so many years have passed since slavery that just sitting around waiting for it to happen or getting on a podium and pointing angrily at the other side while shouting negativity isn’t how we promote equality at all. You want things to be different? Do something, MLK Jr stood for something that we still haven’t forgot, but it’s been warped immensely. We need to get active in the process to see results.


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