“Ethnicity Doesn’t Affect A Kind Heart”

R.E.A.L. Talk,
High Tech Middle Media Arts,
7th Grade Trailblazer

Through parts of my life people and kids that I have known claim that something is racist or to use it as a insult. I have never been the target of these insult but it bothers me every time that someone has said one. During this project when I learned about how race isn’t real I was shocked to really realize what all of those kids I know have been saying such lies. What I do know though is that the kids that have said things like that aren’t educated on what race really is. The 6 word memoir that I have created reflects on my experience. To me every race can have people with a good and great heart but also ones who don’t. This makes me believe that anyone who is racist has hardly been exposed to lots of unique and different people. Also that anyone can learn more about what they believe even if it’s wrong. I am proud at what my personality is like to this subject. I hope that soon more and more kids can have the same perspective as I am glad to have.

Race is fake but, society doesn’t think so.

It has recently been proved that biologically race isn’t a real thing, but, is socially a powerful topic, that can dramatically affect someone’s life. The largest dilemma that causes racism in the younger generations is the lack of education about this topic. According to Professor Marcus Feldman of Stanford University and his team “All humans are 99.9% identical and, of that tiny 0.1% difference, 94 % of the variation is among individuals from the same populations and only 6 % between individuals from different populations.”. This is proof that race is something that has been created and then built onto by the people who don’t take the time to truly work through their thoughts. People may say that white is a better race than the others, but that only goes skin deep… we all have the same problems. We also have the same things to be proud of within what we can learn and grow to be. This really shows how gullible people can be if they listen to others and don’t think for themselves. Race is something that was truly created because of the differences of people and then was breed into a huge social problem. Education is what can fuel a downfall of race and racism. If there are people who know what is right then there is a chance ; One that is growing; to stop the wrongness in our society.


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