Face it. We are all racist.

Memphis, TN

I’m not saying racism is okay, but we need to stop trying to find the culprit and the victim. Everyone experiences being stereotyped by their race, and everyone stereotypes other people by their race. I am tired of people telling me that because I’m white I am the cause of racism. I experience racism too. Do you think I like it when people assume that I get everything I want because I’m white? Do you think I like being called the “typical white girl”? I am not typical. I am unique, and there is not one else in the world like me. Again I admit that I have racial stereotypes. But because I can admit that at times I am racist I can began to change my views on the people I stereotype. It’s time we all realize that we are all beautiful and unique creations who all have different struggles in life, and that just because people have the same skin color does not mean that they are in any way the same.


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