Father, Husband, Teacher, Pastor, Caucasian Racist?

image10Brad Crump,
Floral Park, NY.

As a Presbyterian Pastor I serve a diverse congregation (Guyanese, Jamaican, Black, White). As a teacher I work for a Middle School in Springfield Gardens (97% non white). While I spend every day serving the diverse cornucopia of NYC I am seen by many as the problem, the privilege, the cause of others lot in life.

So on this issue in class I say…nothing. On this issue in the Pulpit I say…nothing. With family and friends I say…nothing. Not because I don’t want to, but because it’s just to dangerous.

Healing can only occur when everyone has a voice.

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4 Responses to "Father, Husband, Teacher, Pastor, Caucasian Racist?"
  1. barry irving says:

    …you’re killing your voice, but that’s on you. I have to worry that my people don’t do that. Sounds selfish?…hey, someone has to do it at home and that’s not your job. You are what you eat…learn to be discrimination and to make your point without offending. If it’s worth offending someone to make a point…then “MEN” do that!

    …what I wonder is what kind od Pastor you are idf you don’t have a respected and strong social voice for those who you “so called” lead!

  2. barry irving says:

    …Did you realize that Caucasian does not mean White?…you have a reference to Caucasian Racist..as opposed to what?…an African American racist?…African Americans – “if they can be called Racist” have a qualified racism…I call it a reactionary social stance..it’s anti racist, which seems the same. if you react to a cause ( racism ) then you are not the cause you are the response…NOT THE SAME!

    …BTW, there are Indians ( from India ) who are Caucasian as well as Africans. Maybe you should use the hyphenated “European American” term.

  3. barry irving says:

    …you say it is being ignored because there is so much that you are not aware of…like when you should shut up and listen instead of denying everything. American Presidents were Slavers…that should be something that informs you of the root of American Institutional oppression and Racism.

  4. LibraSun says:

    Be the change that you seek.

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