Is it my fault I’m white?

Ashley S.
Elkton, MD

People say I’m privileged, that I’m treated better because I’m white, and a woman, and a Christian, that I had educational and professional opportunities that would’ve been closed to others. Does it make me a bad person because I grab at every chance and don’t let go, because I know that that’s how I can make myself a useful member of society? I wear clothes that flatter my skin tone and a small cross around my neck; I went to college and studied and worked my ass off to become a professional writer; I hold doors open for men and women alike, nearly shoving my male friends through when they refuse to enter before me. I believe in equality for *everyone*, regardless of your gender, sexual/political orientation or socioeconomic background. Does my stance mean less because I’m a “privileged” white girl who got a college education and a job? How can I understand or empathize with those who struggle with race/sexual orientation/cultural opinions when I’m the bad guy?


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