The fiction of whiteness imperils humanity.

Evan Sorem,
San Diego, CA.

I am a human being. I have lived nearly all my life in California. My ancestors have lived in California, Illinois, Wyoming, Utah, Tennessee, Virginia, Norway, France, Italy, England, the Netherlands and who knows where else. So, people view me as a “white” person.

In my 40’s, I have learned that there is nothing inherent in me to support the notion that I am a “white” person. So, I am now rejecting the label. I am a person. My children are people. My friend, who I heard called a “n*****” by kids driving by in a truck as we walked to his house, is a person too. The humanity of that friend is constantly in danger because of the perception of the kids in that truck that they are white and he is not. But they are not white people. They are people. As is he.

As was Trayvon Martin. As was Michael Brown. As was Eric Garner. As was Tamir Rice. As was Walter Scott…..

If we cannot act to destroy white supremacy. White supremacy will destroy us.


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