Fiipina, American, Human. Mothering white children

KarenKaren Roland,
Palm Springs, CA.

A Filipina-American girl with three half White, half Filipino children. Building a life in America and building it with diversity. Living in a world where both cultures matter, I teach my children both.

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3 Responses to "Fiipina, American, Human. Mothering white children"
  1. barry irving says:

    ..not trying to be mean, but you are a lot tanner than that makeup makes you, looking at your face and body color difference. If you are Filipino, you can’t be mothering White kids…mixed race maybe…

    …genetics operates by percentages…if you have European blood then that percentage added to your husbands genes gives you most likely White kids with Filipino blood lines…mixed race…

    …BTW, White is a social construct…there is no one original White Race…so called White people are a mix of different ethnicities and some people of mixed DARKER BLOOD WHO PASS FOR WHITE.

  2. Suraska says:

    Forgive me but if you are a proud Filipina why are you lightening your gorgeous ethnic bronze complexion with layers of foundation meant for White women? I hate when ethnic women do that. It happens in the Black community too. Brownskinned women will make themselves look like ghosts in the face but their necks and shoulders are still brown. They look even worse than if they had just gone without make up. If you’re truly proud there’s no need to White wash yourself.

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