I find my identity in Christ

Janine D Herrera,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

When beginning this exercise, I almost regressed back to my old thinking habits. I came up with the six-word phrase, ‘English language no Spanish still Mexican.’ However, I realized I was going back to what I was delivered from. I used to struggle with my identity. I am Mexican America, I speak English and only know very little Spanish. My parents used Spanish to have adult conversations so that my siblings and I wouldn’t know what they were talking about. Therefore, we weren’t taught the language. However, growing up it was a struggle. To my Hispanic Spanish speaking friend’s and Hispanic elders, I ran into, I was teased and viewed as white. When I attempted to speak Spanish, I would be laughed at when I spoke it wrong. I wasn’t Mexican enough for them. However, for the white people I was viewed as Mexican and not white enough for them. Although, I did not identify with white, I struggled with being truly accepted. It wasn’t until I truly committed myself to Christ that I realized my identity was truly found in Him. And it wasn’t until then that I was set free from the boxes society tries to fit or confine me in.

Thanks CBU HIS311


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