Five race family equals great dinners!!!!

Martin Clarke,
Atlanta, GA

Sushi, fried-chicken and arroz con pollo. I’m African-American, Asian and Native American. My wife is Salvadoran, Mexican and Italian. When you look at the statistical “browning” of America, no one has really analyzed the great culinary benefits of all this mixing: great dinners. At my house, we have taken advantage of all of the racial/ethnic/cultural mixes and laid them out on the dinner table. Different spices and ingredients mix to the great benefit of our palate. Our three daughters have grown up not knowing that their dinners are “blended”, its just dinner to them. I think that the future of America will be the same. People will just take for granted the great benefits of a blended society, it will be just society. Cheerios ads with a mixed family wont spark outrage.


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