Four words: I’m tired of blacks.

Macon, GA

p>Being tired and hating are two different things. My girlfriend is a beautiful black woman who is also tired of blacks. She’s tired of being called an uncle Tom for dating a white guy. I’m tired of being labeled as a racist simply for my skin color.

I’m tired of the black community as a whole, however I’m not tired of the individuals for the most part. There are many funny, caring and loving black people around me who I adore and consider family. However, when it comes to the black community nationwide, I’ve grown sick and tired of it.

My girlfriend was raised in a poor home. She had very few advantages yet somehow grew and matured into a well educated, beautiful and smart woman. She never claimed racism, she never hated whites. She never asked for anything to be given to her, she’s earned it all. And I admire and respect her for that.

But then you have the black community, “We’re systematically oppressed!”. No, you’re not. “It’s systematic racism keeping us down!”. No, it’s not. “We deserve special treatment because our skin color!”. No, you don’t.

Like my girlfriend, I who am white, was raised in a poor household. I had to fight and claw myself up to where I am today. One reason my GF and I click so well together, we know the struggles and that it has NOTHING to do with race.

It has to do with WHO you ARE, your CHARACTER. What YOU make of YOURSELF. Just because someone is disadvantaged, doesn’t mean they’re helpless. And advantage means you have a leg up, for those of us who aren’t advantaged we have the same opportunities but have to work harder for them.

Get over yourself, do the work, quit blaming everyone else for your problems.


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