Frustrated, Aggravated, Discouraged by Black Stereotypes

Seattle, OR.
Collected from The Race Card Project, On Location: Seattle Community Colleges

With each passing decade (now 5 of them)I have reflected on whether the issue of race has improved, declined or remained the same. I must say that it seems that for every step forward (a President of color, women and PEO astronauts, noted Black scientists, a holiday named after a Black man) we retreat greatly by continuing to ignore the racial issues that still exist in America. It’s as if the fight for equa rights and fair treatment ended with the 60’s civil rights movement. Racial stereotypes are allow to flourish on nightly newscasts and in TV programming unabated. The moment there is a challenge about it the majority cries foul. If the voices of those who are the targets of the stereotypes continue to be ignored and/or silenced and their concerns go unaddressed then we as a society should not be surprised when one day we will have to deal with the angry wrath that will result from such a lack of conscience and abuse of power.


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