Full-blooded white European DNA; proud Viking!

Lynn Magnusson
Jamestown, NY

All around the world white nations are being flooded with third-world Moslam immigrants. Almost every nation in Europe; the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. are having “multiculturalism” forced upon them, but by contrast liberals are perfectly fine with nations like Mongolia, Nigeria, and Japan being racially homogeneous. Apparently all white nations, and ONLY white nations, need “diversity.”

Third-world immigrants are destroying the societies they parasitize with crime, perpetually gaming the host country’s welfare system, and harassment of locals. They make zero effort to learn the language of their host country, regularly commit crime, stage violent demonstrations on streets in which they threaten to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them (which apparently isn’t hate speech, since they’re not white it’s ok). They breed incessantly, threatening to skew the ethnic integrity of Western nations worldwide. The vast majority of them lied about their “refugee” status anyway, in order to gain entry to their host country.

In Scandinavia, almost every single rape in recent years was committed by a non-European Moslam, over 90% of the time against Native Scandinavian women. In Paris, London, and elsewhere, gang violence by third-world vermin is rendering large sections of cities uninhabitable. All across the Western world, white children are being harassed, abused, and assaulted IN THEIR OWN NATIVE COUNTRIES by third world garbage who strut around like they own the place.

White guilt is for nerds!


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