Genetically black and white raised hispanic

Veronica Herrera
Nacogdoches, TX

My daughter currently only 2 months was conceived through a donor who is African American. My wife is Caucasian and I am Mexican/Cuban American. When my wife and I spoke about having kids she wanted to carry the child first because she is older than me. We wanted our child to be mixed race because, my wife wanted the baby to look as close to a mixture of she and I. My daughter actually came out looking a lot like me, some people think I was the one who carried her. I am carmel colored and have curly hair, (my mother’s Cuban blood was much stronger than my father’s Mexican blood). I find that many people do not know what a Cuban is and I get told I am mixed with black and white. I think this adds to why my daughter ended up looking like me. Spanish is my first language and I embrace my hispanic/latino culture very much and I plan on raising my daughter in this same culture, I speak to her in spanish everyday and hope that she ends up speaking both English and Spanish from an early age. No matter what someone’s skin color is I believe the culture you are raised in is what you should embrace.


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