Girls are different? Sorry, didn’t know.

Corona, CA

When I was young I grew up on a street with boys and ended up being a pretty big tomboy. I enjoyed sports, I was competitive and I liked playing with my friends. As I got older I began volunteering at the local hospital and became a fire explorer with my friends. We grew up and were able to play outside, be competitive and I found a new love for helping people. We went to college and the fire academy and had a great time, how could it be that I would possibly get to have fun playing with my friends forever?
After the academy everyone split up and got jobs all over. That’s when everything changed. That’s when I became the girl. I got hired with a fire department where I didn’t know anyone; these were not the boys from my street. These were other boys… and I was a girl. Now, I have been doing my job for a while and I love it, but it was hard to treated different for something I couldn’t help. It was never an issue when we were kids. We all want to have fun, we are competitive, and we all want to help people. It’s just I am a girl.


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