You are those girls mother?! Really!?!

image13 (2)Ethel Grigorovici,
Mountain House, CA.

“You play so well with her. What are your rates?” “Could you please let her parents know.””Are you a family friend or the nanny?” Samples of the many questions/comments I get when I was out and about with my children. I’m the mother of 3 the last two (girls) are from my (current) second marriage to an Eastern European (Romanian). I’ve endured countless racial remarks from people. I have even had a mother from a mommie n me class befriend me because she thought that we were the same – adoptive parents. When this started happening with my first daughter (now 9yrs old) I was angry but now with my second daughter (now 21 months) I chuckle to myself and just say – “Maybe one day your mind will grow…”


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