I am glad I’m not Black.

image4 (3)Prudence Runyan,
Philadelphia, PA.

In the late 90s a colleague and I needed to go about 90 miles away to a client meeting. We each took our own cars, as it was the weekend and we were heading off in separate directions after the meeting. He planned to follow me, as he hadn’t been there before. He told me, “Don’t speed”. I replied, “Don’t be silly Brian, everybody speeds on the NJ Turnpike.” “Not me”, he replied. “I will get arrested for ‘Driving While Black'”. That’s the first time I had heard the term. I didn’t know what to say. As we made our way north to Seacaucus I saw that what he said was true. Nearly every person the police had pulled over was dark skinned.

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One Response to "I am glad I’m not Black."
  1. barry irving says:

    …your story smells funny. I would think that you are happy to be what you were born as, like most people. To context it with this story is just shaky!…questionable!

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