Good hair is well maintained hair.

Jessica Elaine Burks,
San Diego, CA.

I am Black, Irish, and Native American. My paternal grandmother had straight long hair. My maternal grandmother had 4c textured hair. All my life I believed the myth that “good hair and long hair” do not belong to black women with 4C textured hair. My friends and even family members of non-black origins had no clue that actresses wore weave- even when they were white. None of my friends in grade school understood what a “kitchen” was. So I said I did it with a toothpick- and the next day five blonde haired blue eyed girls brought toothpicks to school so that I could curl their hair. It was a long time before I would realize any woman of any race can have bad hair. Overprocessed, dry, brittle, color damaged hair can happen to any race or ethnicity. But Good hair is well-maintained hair. Hair is not meant to be divisive pitting one woman against another. Hair is in fact, a woman’s individuality, her expression of glory. I had to cut my hair off after finding out I had Systemic Lupus. I am growing my daughter’s hair. As I was detangling her hair I told her she has GOOD HAIR. My mother was laid to rest before she could see the natural hair awakening. I wish she were alive to hear my say she has beautiful good hair.


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