My Gorgeous Mulatto Daughter Is European


My daughter was born in the United States to a black mother, but a dual citizen and I raised her with the eurorequirement to the mentality to live and present in Europe, so I always refer to her as European, not American. When she walks the streets of Belgium and speaks French, people think she was born here although she obviously looks like a mulatto, and do not believe when told she was born in the United States to an American mother, because most Europeans hate American women and know these women are the worst mothers. Europeans think her European stepmother is her mother and she was raised European/Belgian not American, because she has European/Belgian behavior and mentality. European men hate and stay away from American born women if they are raised by American mothers, but European men accept my American born, European/Belgian raised daughter as European and know she will make an excellent mother and wife to his children. In politically correct America, where women are corrupted by Feminism, this view is considered racist, but it is correct and all European men know to stay away from American women, especially black ones, who only want a walking wallet and selfishly deprive their children of fathers. I am one of the few European men who made this mistake to let a American woman be the mother of my child, but unlike weak willed American men I did not let this American woman bankrupt me or raise my child with the Ugly American mentality. Because of this my daughter is European and will never be viewed as a black or American.


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