Grace, pride, dignity, honour, love and light

Detroit, MI.

While growing up in Senegal some refer to me as dark as the buttocks of a cauldron, iIwas proud to be as dark as the stone of the Kaaba filled with love and light, often i dreamed to be blue-black as those vailant fishermen Lebou, Niominka or Guet-Ndar tauting the Sun Ra with melanin rich skin over the Atlantic Ocean. In France they called me Negro.. In USA they called me Black, I am just waiting for the time they will catch up with civilization and face the fact that i am simply a beautiful African Woman.

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2 Responses to "Grace, pride, dignity, honour, love and light"
  1. Vicki Dipaolo says:

    Your photo is beautiful. Your writing is too.

  2. Oumar Diaw says:

    This exactly describes many Africans leaving in the west and not belonging anywhere
    Very well said
    I am also a Senegalese born living in America for the past 9 years

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