Grateful, granny called me black boy

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 “Black Boy” for Michele
by:  Kevin A. Browne

I was grateful; granny was prophetic,
almost making me out of clay,
caressing my tar with old love.
black before it was a color.

we come from an oily family,
our skins sticky to the touch.
we, who gushed from the oilfields:
she didn’t want me digging holes.

she didn’t want us digging holes.

she remains, now, a 45 minute recording—
my own ghost in the machine—that I listen to often,
but not often enough.

she named me.

I think it was so that every time I say my name,

I say it with her tongue:
black boy.

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4 Responses to "Grateful, granny called me black boy"
  1. Dbartoletti says:

    I suspect that Granny would have been proud.  A worthy tribute.

  2. DATowns says:

    Excellent tribute…but maybe race was your Grandmother’s issue too. And maybe your Granny wanted you to know you had a Black male American father. Race is denoted by the race of your father.  A hinderance, but a status also if they were illegal immigrants. Often people say what they need you to know, what they have learned or really mean.  Black boy…neisse – 1st generation American who acccepted an non African American female but liked her or his hair texture, shape and looks. Or perhaps her father was more ‘light’ skin than Black and grandmother wanted whiter grandchildren….I’m only thinking.  We don’t choose who we love….God does; for what is right in each of  us.  PS my maiden name was Browne with a ‘E’ also. My heritage is NYC, MI, CA, OK, TX, NC, WVA, TN, CN, and any city along US 66.

  3. Sassyclassy55 says:


  4. Heather O. says:

    This is beautifully written.

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