My hair: bane of my existence

image4 (1)Laura Abercrombie,
Mulberry, FL.

I am a 27 year old biracial (mother black, father Russian and Romanian Jewish descent) woman. I was born and raised in NY, transplanted to rural Fl when I was a teen. I am also one of Jehovah’s witnesses. Basically, I’m very used to being on the fringes, the “token”, the extra, which pretty much informs the way I navigate the world and my personal relationships.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …hair is powerful in American culture especially for women. I think that people should gear themselves to start looking at their selves authentically. Accepting what God gave you is challenge enough. It can’t be more painful than wanting to look like someone who you are not. we are all valuable for what we have and how we love ourselves!

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