I hate being called a “white boy”


“White boy”, , , .

What I don’t understand is why there has always had to be a race at the bottom. No one seems to be able to get the freaking idea of racial equality through the six inches between their ears. First it was Africans. Then Jews, Asians, Latinos, Middle Eastern Peoples, there is always one at the bottom. Why do humans always feel the need to elevate themselves above one another? Same species, same intelligence, same hands, same ears, we are so much more alike then different. Yet no one can ever get that. And practically my whole life is dominated by “your a white boy” and “your racist” and my school life: “get out of here ‘white boy'” “you can’t do anything because your white” and I live in a very culturally diverse community which is a good thing, but I’m so immediately judged by my skin color. It does not freaking matter what your skin color is! I can’t get a girlfriend because I’m white. I cried looking at my white hands when I was younger because of how much it was the cause of my problems. I don’t think the world will ever change. Maybe it will change who it is racist to, but seems to never stop being in some way, racist.


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