I hate being called “white girl”

Stephanie Wichowski,
Mount Olive, NJ,.

I’m proud to be Polish and part Irish but because I’m white and a girl I automatically get grouped into other categories. I get told I can’t dance “because I’m white” and I’m told to prove that I can dance. (Mind you I’ve been training at a dance studio since I was 6 years old.) People think I have some sort of privilege because I’m white (even though people confuse me for being Spanish and I’ve been called a spick before.). I’m called a racist at the drop of the hat, and blacks always say that they can’t be racist cause they are not white. Being racist is not only a white thing.

Look at the Black Panther group or the Black Muslim group. Also why is it ok for a black person to call a white person a cracker, a snow princess, white trash ect? Why after all these years just because I’m white my ancestors are blamed for the whole slavery thing? My family moved here about 65 years ago because of the things that were going on in Poland, and by grandfather’s family came over from Ireland during the potato famine. Oh and people think it’s ok to call me a Mick/Polack.

People think I can’t handle spicy food. People think I love Starbucks and frozen yogurt and go out for it often (when people take me out for it and I don’t know what to get or when it comes to frozen yogurt places what to do/how it works, I get stared at weird because I’m a “White Girl”.). People try bribing me with qdoba and chipotle and when I tell them I hate the food and never go their of my own free will I get looked at weird and have literally had people be like “but your a white girl”… it’s like what’s your point… I don’t associate who I am with the color of my skin so why is it ok for others to do so?


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