They hate me because I’m Black?

Sandy Springs, GA.

I grew up in a majority neighborhood during the eighties and nineties. There were only a few other minority families in the area at the time. It wasn’t until college after high school graduation I learn I was black and highly disliked based on the color of my skin and not the content of my character.

As the months turn into years I find myself melancholy how the media, and Hollywood describes blacks. It disturbs me when Caucasians clutch their bags, lock their car doors and cower in fear in the back of elevators when they see my smile. I’m unsure if they understand the problems they cause with simple actions. I’m even less sure they comprehend that once upon a time when we were adolescence we all played together.

It’s too bad that in 2012 we still haven’t passed our underlying fear, feelings and race relations. I was convinced we overcame this point in time until the 2008 election. It was at that point when I learned the true feelings of my Caucasian co-workers concerning Barack Obama. I was unclear if the hatred was based on politics or something more sinister?

My feelings regarding race relations will always remain the same. I believe we are all children of God, creative equally and just. I believe uneducated resentment is unfortunate side bar in our wonderful countries past. I urge those who do find themselves filled with rage and anger toward different nationalities to step outside of comfort zones and explore each other’s cultures they may be surprised what we all have in common….

Wouldn’t it be great not to be judged by the color of your skin wow… Now there’s a thought….


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