Have Pride in your European Heritage!

Caleb Boc Steele,
Wayne State,
Trenton, MI

I’ve seen a lot of things recently that allude to white guilt or white privilege or other things like so I’d just like to remind people to have pride in where they come from, no matter where. I think all people should have pride in their heritage and carry on their traditions and I just don’t want to see European culture die out. For instance, I’m Polish so in a millennia from now I’d like to still see Polish people wearing traditional Polish clothes doing the Polka. The same goes for all cultures. Similarly, in a millennia, I’d like to see Native Americans in traditional Native American clothes doing traditional Native American dances. Everybody has a right to their people and their culture and the only way that I know of to continue that is for people to take pride in their heritage and continue on their traditions, to me it’s just that simple.


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