Here come the white people….Family!

Robbie Wolfe
Chester, VA

My mom and us, her children, were noticeably “lighter” than the rest of my family, which were very brown to dark-skinned people. Yet, that’s how we were greeted on Sundays and family gatherings, in front of other family members, friends and invited guests. Running joke? As I got older, I secretly think the very ones who heckled and laughed resented us, for being “lighter/fair skinned”…. How sad, I just thought of us as family….period.

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3 Responses to "Here come the white people….Family!"
  1. Color-me-JC says:

    I am white, very very white, like ghostly, couldn’t get a tan if I tried. All my life been trying to get darker! lol  Was always looked over by the boys in school because I came back from summer break just as white as snow and all my friends had great tans!  I would never wear shorts to school, almost flunked  physical ed. because I was so taunted by the white boys! Now how is that for racism?!?  I was too white to be cool white!

  2. Cduck930 says:

    It is yet another example that blacks, not solely whites, can be extremely racist as well. 

  3. Laidewithit says:

    You Just open my eyes,, Because call my Grand Son the same word,s and I need to stop it,his mother is White and my son his father Black

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