Hey Dominicans! You too are black.

My_FB_PicCristina Reyes,
Houston, TX.

I chose the six words I wish I could go around the streets of Santo Domingo yelling. I have never understood, in all my years, why the Dominican culture steadily continues to deny their “blackness.” Their children aren’t taught to consider themselves “negro” instead they are to consider themselves “indio.” The darker the skin the uglier person, the straighter the hair the prettier the girl.
I love my Dominican Heritage and I am proud to be American, but what I am most proud of is that I descended from strong and beautiful Africans that despite being subjected to the most inhumane and atrocious acts in history, their legacy can be kept alive in my face and dark skin.

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5 Responses to "Hey Dominicans! You too are black."
  1. barry irving says:

    …you are all African Diaspora people…color casting is rooted in Institutional indoctrination of oppressed people!

  2. I'm Dominican, I'm Not White says:

    You are obviously NOT Dominican, lol when u claim Dominicans identity as “Indians”, when in fact we identify as DOMINICANS..

    Search United State Hispanic Census 2010
    You will find that Dominicans in the U.S. marked their race as:
    59% Mix/Other
    28% White
    12% Black
    0% Native, Indian..

    Yes, you heard it right, ZEROOOOOOOO % identify as “indians”.

    You need go learn that “indio or indiesito” denotes skin color descriptions for some Dominicans, just like A.A. have “red-bone”
    Does that mean AA think they are Indian or Red??
    Remember Red was used to describe Indians.

    • Dontay Washington says:

      Dominicans are black though. 90% of the Dominican Republic are of African ancestry.

      • I'm Dominican, I'm Not White says:

        Of course Dominicans are 11% Black, just like Americans are 13% Black, thats common sense.
        Same as Dominicans are 16% White & Americans are 72% White.
        As well as 73% Dominican are Triracial & 3% of Americans are Multiracial.

        Yes 98% of Dominicans are of European descent, 80% of Afro descent & 70% of Native descent.

        • Dontay Washington says:

          That makes no sense. 84% of Dominicans have African ancestry and less than 10% have Taino ancestry and less than 10% are White Caucasian.

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