Hey, you’re good at math, right?

Quoc Du,
Houston, TX

Being Asian American, there are certain expectations placed upon me. I’m expected to be smart, I’m expected to have good grades and excel in all my classes, I’m expected to acquire a career as a doctor or a dentist. I’m expected to do this and that, all because I am Asian. All these expectations mean nothing to me because at the end of the day these expectations placed upon my head are not my own. I’m not smart, I’m of average intelligence, My grades are good at the moment, but they can easily dip just like anyone else could, I failed two of my classes last semester. I don’t wish to pursue a career in the medical field, I’d rather be an artist, an illustrator, an animator, someone who creates things. I’m creative, I think a lot and say little, I am my own person. I am not the expectations placed upon my head by strangers and I never will be. I am Asian American and no, I’m not good at math.


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