Highly educated black woman. …so what

Grand Blanc, MI.

I’m a master social worker and received my accelerated advanced degree from a top ten university…MSU… I am an outpatient therapist and attained this job in less than a year from graduating. Which in my field is highly unlikely. I have worked very hard to go from poverty to the “American dream” by pulling myself up from my own bootstraps….but truth is…my educational and professional attainment means nothing. I am still viewed as a young educated black woman…..How did she make it this far? You must not be from this area? You speak so well?

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  1. barry irving says:

    …all hype and ignorance..I have an advanced degree in Education and am life long self employed…I don’t answer those things normally, if i do, they won’t be asked again and all of of a sudden…respect!…which to me is unexpected, but so be it!…my GPA was 3.7+…my degree looks just like those who got a 2.5!

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