Hillbilly White Trash? I’m Oxford educated.

C. B,

I grew up poor in a rural West Virginia. My race, the way I talk and where I’m from immediately make people assume I’m illiterate, uneducated, and deeply racist without ever actually talking to me. The irony… I get so angry at how common and acceptable it is to use Hee-Haw accents as short-hand for stupidity and to call people with ignorant and racist attitudes “hillbillies” and other names meant to illustrate that they’re backward and uneducated. I’m proud of my heritage and the sacrifices my “poor white trash” family and I made to get me to where I’ve been and where I am now.

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  1. eager says:

    Wow! Sometimes when I think about racism the first thing that comes to mind is minorities. However, you make a great point. Hmmm… Thanks for your card

  2. Michael Sawyer49 says:

    C.B.,  as a white male who has as many ‘minority’ friends as ‘white’ friends it seems the racism you recieve is the only acceptable racism in our society today.

    • Arthur Bhutic says:

      Come see me one day! I live at 8902 Crazy Horse Trail, Houston, Tx. 77064-7151! Phone #’s, are (281) 894-4047, (713) 540-1741, and (281) 309-6898.

  3. i have red hair green eyes white skin.  But because of my fathers caree i have every where and i can tell you that racism  hasnt chaned its still strong and growing. a latin in facebook made a remark about Pres, Obama being black,i told him not long ago 1965 was my first time in the USA and i have the image stamped in my head ,first i couldn´t believe what i was reading water fountain only for whites, i forced my mother to show if there was one saying black only,and there was. I said this was going on in 65 and now we have a black President
    this shows why americans are the best.  evenif there is still racism. Every time i see a black judge, mayor of a city inportant attorneys, ialways think and it probably caused this person double effort. so he is doubly fabulous. Next time i´ll tell you other stories

  4. Validemail says:

    Good point, C.B.  That “racism” crap you’re receiving is all part of the plan of the Jews who run the media and brainwash the general society, to make White people out to be dumb hicks, when, in fact, White people are the race that has brought civilization to the entire world, and the people in your neck of the woods, the original frontiersmen of this great nation, are the same ones who have been tricked into fighting all the foreign wars that America has unfortunately been involved in, depleting the White stock and our future seed.  Time to get back to basics, learn about our heritage and who we are (God’s Children, the Adamic Race) and send those filthy Jews packing.

    • Randy1x says:

       how could White people have brought “civilization” to the world when Europe was in the “Dark Ages” until the 16th century?

      • Validemail says:

         Look around you, Randy.  What do you see today?  It’s called “civilization.”  It was developed and cultivated over the centuries by White men (and women) and you are now enjoying the benefits of it, while being incredibly uneducated and dull, and yet you still have running water, a cell phone, a television, a computer, food you can buy from a store and then microwave while you wait for your monthly welfare check.  That’s “Civilization” at its finest, my low I.Q. friend!!

    • Laidewithit says:

      Validemail you just don`t get it,, the race card project ,,is about open your eyes not,sprew it.

  5. Bh30079 says:

    Now I know what racism is.

    BH – As a white woman who lives in a 78% black neighborhood in an urban metro area of Atlanta I have found out how much racism exists – Against White Folks. Would think that after all Martin Luther King went through it would be different. Unfortunately the racism in the sunny South can be cut with a knife. Have lived & travelled all over the world. Hatred does not have a color, except here in Atlanta . . . Very very sad. 

    • Lovhist6 says:

      I used to think when I was younger and naive that because of what black Americans had been through that they were bereft of prejudice toward others. Man was I wrong! Some of the most bigoted people I have encountered happen to be black! Will wonders never cease?  My mother raised my brother and I not to call others ugly names and to always look for the good in other people. I am proud of my mother for that.  There is a lot of bigotry in the black community toward their gay brothers and sisters, and consequently they have a harder time in adjusting and accepting themselves.   

  6. Thea Cross says:

    I can relate to this comment. Born in poor rural Tennessee I have experienced similar problms. I am a physician, and during residency,  I once even had an Attending tell the medical students on a rotation that parts of the rural south were so fascinating because all the inbreeding created the rare grotesque genetic syndromes they were studying. Inbreeding. Really.

    • Urseephd says:

      That kinbd of ignorance sets them up to de-value patients based on.. nothing. Education is not necessarily a barrier to ignorance. I work in a hospital as a Psychologist– during rounds wiht medical residents, I heard comments about “he is only a janitor” and the aptient was dismissed. This led to some other conversations about care for one needing to be appropriately equivalent to care for aany other.

      • Chicho Blanco says:

        Someone posted this conservsation to my Facebook time line today. I know this is a 3 year old article. I’m a respiratory therapist and I hear this kind of talk too. I even catch myself thinking those thoughts at times but I pull myself back. I have to so I can give my patients the best care I can provide.

  7. Garner61 says:

    In Texas Ceder Chopper was used the same way. People were poor in the then poor parts of the Texas Hill Country. Now very popular place to be. Same as hillbilly is fighting words so is ceder chopper.

  8. Runwaylightblue says:

    I’m from the Deep South and I am tired of and disgusted by the insinuation that a Southern accent makes a person stupid or racist. It is nearly I unfathomable that we, as human being, haven’t moved beyond these kinds of stereotypical behaviors.

    • Lovhist6 says:

      I agree, “outsiders” or those who claim to know who and what we in the South are, are often quite ignorant themselves. Our Southern accents are part of our cultural background and have nothng to do with racism or being uneducated.   

  9. Lovhist6 says:

    I am proud of my ancestors whom arrived in the South in 1611 in Jamestown, VA. My people along with many others helped make this great country we live in. NO ONE will EVER make ME feel LESS THAN for being Southern, warts and all in our past and culture.

  10. Anewstarttoday says:

    Growing up I had a ton of preconceived notions about people from different parts of the United States as-well-as other Countries.  Once I entered college I met and became friends with so many different people.  It was amazing.  I no longer judged people based on appearance, accent or where they are from.  I enjoy getting to know who they are as a person and fellow human being.

    • Chicho Blanco says:

      That is one of the great things about college. You meet all kinds of people and are exposed to many different ideas.

  11. B3theory1 says:

    You should be proud of your background and what you have accomplished. Ignorance comes in all colors and for us black folks, its a just another day. You have pick your battles and make it known how stupid they are when it can make the most impact. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, some people will never change.

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