Hispanic Guy Trying To Fit In

peru-machu-picchu-llamaCesar Bazo,
Auburn, AL.

I know deep inside myself that I belong to a minority group here in the United States. I am a Peruvian living in Alabama. However, the fact that I belong to a minority group does not make me feel inferior or less likely to succeed. On the contrary, I believe this country has given me the unique opportunity to thrive both academically and professionally. I feel so grateful for all the opportunities that have been bestowed upon my family and me. With much dedication and effort, we have started a new life that is opening doors all the time. Indeed, I have been able to get a master’s degree and work both as a Spanish teacher and an ESL instructor. Currently, I am pursuing a doctoral degree in Adult Education. I am well-aware of the fact that I would not have been able to accomplish these goals in my native country, mainly because of economic constraints. Little by little, I am trying to fit into this new society. I must admit that when I first got here almost four years ago, I felt a bit fearful about my future prospects. Nonetheless, nowadays I feel quite confident about my situation. I sincerely hope that this humble testimony can encourage other Hispanics living in the United States to study and work hard in order to make their dreams and their family aspirations come true!


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