Hispanic? Really? You’re white to me.

tumblr_njopvtFXKm1rn7ftlo1_500Danielle Perea,
Denver, CO.

I’m a light-skinned, freckled Hispanic woman just trying to deal.

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2 Responses to "Hispanic? Really? You’re white to me."
  1. Zuni says:

    Interesting. Are you from a majority White Latin American nation such as Argentina, Chile,or Uruguay?

  2. TryingToBeFair says:

    Well, to be fair, you still receive white privege. It’s like biracials who look white are still white regardless of their black mother/father. You may be Hispanic, but unless you tell them, they won’t know that. And they’d still probably treat you like you’re white. Hell, you look whiter than most white people I know.

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