Holy Cow! It’s a black person!

Bonny Hanan
Cottonwood, AZ

I am not a racist and I know this sounds bad. However, I grew up in a very small town that was largely controlled by racism even in the recent past. It was so bad that Black people didn’t live here for very long when they did try to move in. Recently however that has begun to change. As a result I have seen a few black people around town. Since this is new to me I have a tendency to stare. I don’t mean to but it is actually a culture shock to me. I always feel guilty about it later. The truth is my little town and I have been so separated from black people that I honest to god have never even had the opportunity to try to get to know any of them. If you’re one of the people I stared at I’m sorry! I swear I didn’t mean anything by it!


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