No hope or faith left now.

Tracey Hughes,
Kansas City, MO.

The unofficial trial of Michael Brown (also known as the statement from Prosecutor McCullough) makes it official in my mind. America is nowhere near ready to make significant, lasting change when it comes to confronting racism, privilege, and the lack of equality in justice for ALL if its citizens. I now fully believe that it doesn’t matter what I do, how much I accomplish, or how good of a person I am…I will always be viewed as a “less than” in the eyes of many white people, simply because those people lack the courage to examine why they hold a “less than” attitude & belief about Black people in the first place. The white people in my life who don’t hold those views are now the exception, rather than the rule. And the frustration that many in the Black community feel about *yet another* Black individual dying as a result of the legacy of this “less than” attitude will never be understood or respected, and change will never get here. I used to think that maybe our country could get there. That belief is gone. That hope is gone. That faith is gone. And it’s gonna take a whooooooooole lot of soul-searching and change on OTHER people’s part before I even *think* about answering that hope & faith’s knock on the door.


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