Human Spirit – Our One Equal Tie

Kimberly Davenport,
Elizabethtown, KY.

Irregardless of our containment, the color of our skin, our heritage, our social structures…one element binds us all and that one element is that which cannot completely be embodied.. the human spirit.
I just ordered a dna once and for all I can clarify to some degree what my exterior culminates into. Mostly my reason for this is because of once again having to fill out a form which asks the question regarding my race. I have hated that question since grade school when the first proficiency exams were doled out and the question was first asked of me. I remember how I struggled. I had just learned that very week , finally being of age to understand, that I was predominantly Cherokee/Native American Indian. I wanted to check the box but when I looked at my skin as directed by the teacher.. it was definitely white and my hair was blonde. The teacher said ” check white honey”. I checked white with disdain. I have checked white with disdain every encounter since. I am more than the color of my skin. We are ALL more than the color of our skin. Thank God we are more!


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