My husband and I won it.

July-14-146Victoria True,
Bethesda, MD.

15 years of my Miscegenated marriage have come and gone. I married a man who is beyond color blind. Case in point, I came by his place 1 month before we were getting married, and joked there are xxx,xx1 inter-racial couples in the US, and on June 12th there will be at least xxx,xx2. His response, how do you know there will be xxx,xx2 by June 12th. I responded, that is when we are getting married. He said, I know but I don’t get it. He really really didn’t. He saw me (and still wanted to marry me which in and off itself does bring in to question his good sense), not a black girl, or an african american, or an afro american, or a negro, or a n*****. He didn’t get over the fact that I was black, or see past it or (most creepy of all in my opinion) fetishize it. He was born in a small town in NC, which is slightly infamous for jailing a black boy and his friend (truly children), beating them and incarcerating them “The Kissing Case”. On the other hand he asked me early in our relationship “If you could live anytime when would you live?” I responded “Am I still black and female, and if so is the future a possible answer.” His response was, wow, never thought about it that way. He is exceptional, I am lucky. So we both won the race. He won the race to be the more evolved human being that walked out of Plato’s cave and never looked back but always looks forward to learn, understand and grow. I won the race to capture said more evolved human being and drag him back to my lair to have my way with him.


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