I always knew I was different.

Coleen Owens
Katy, TX

We (my sisters and I) were often the “minority” – growing up in a military household and moving often – whether it meant repeatedly being the new student or not speaking the language, we had many rich experiences because we didn’t fit in… we were nomadic for a time, and taught by parental modeling to embrace change and differences – to see through and beyond them while loving and learning from them. I feel lucky that I experienced what it was like to BE the one who was different – a little white girl with a Catholic school education who was born in England and became a naturalized citizen at 3… As an adult I continue to celebrate and appreciate differences. Isn’t life great – that it gives us an entire spectrum – whether it’s race, creed, color, country, etc. – we’re all sharing this planet and not one of us IS the same!


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