I am me, do not panic.

James Eliot Griffith
Stillwater, OK

It’s irritating how in this day and age if I just tell someone I’m Mexican (which is the side of my family I identify with a bit more since I grew up on the border in South Texas) everyone is perfectly fine and its all cool. But if I happen to mention that I’m only half Mexican people start freaking out looking at me cross-eyed and asking which side of my family is white when my last name is Griffith. I mean really?! Strangely enough this was never actually an issue and no one cared until I moved to Oklahoma for college which is when I started noticing it. A college campus one of THE most multicultural areas in the state and people get freaked out by my being half and half. Its even worse when people refuse to believe my sisters and I are related since one of them is takes after our dad and is really pale. One old lady was convinced we were dating which left me feeling like I was gonna throw up. Jeez I’m sorry y’all somewhere along the way this turned into a rant guess I needed to vent a little thanks for your time everybody.


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