I am more than a “race”

R.E.A.L. Talk,
High Tech Middle Media Arts,
7th Grade Trailblazer

I wrote this six word memoir because people should know that no one should assume someone else’s ethnicity. I also wrote this six word memoir because most people that I encounter think of my ´race´ and tend to assume what ´race´ I am and sometimes question me about it or ask me about my ethnicity. I haven’t experienced much racism in my life but I have seen some people say racist comments at school or on the internet. I think that some people are racist because they don’t know what they are talking about so they assume things that they think are true. It is everyone’s job to make sure that people know that stereotyping is wrong and it needs to stop.

´There is only one race, The human race´

Race is not scientifically real, it is a social construct. One of the first people to categorize people with ´race´ was Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in 1776. He was a German scientist who categorized people into five different groups by their physical appearance, by where they were born, and their lifestyle.The five categories he put people into were Caucasian, Mongolian, Malayan, Ethiopian, And American.The American Anthropological Association says that during the 19th century people were put into a hierarchy and sorted people into categories by their ethnicity and were given different ranks on the hierarchy by their physical traits. This evidence shows that race is not real and that it is a man made idea. This proves that race is a manmade concept used to discriminate people and put them into groups. In conclusion, race is a completely wrong concept that has no scientific evidence of being real.


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